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Online Teen Entrepreneurship Course for High Schools

Entrepreneurship Program for Teens Age 13-19

Our Program

Our focus is entrepreneurship for teens age 13-19. Although this program touches on important business and financial concepts, its purpose is to teach entrepreneurship which involves risk taking, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. We teach them how to think, not what to think. Students and schools across the world have taken the online course and experienced incredible results. Preview the online course at the link below!

Post-Secondary and Workforce Readiness Skills

This program develops the following qualites in each student: 

Adaptable ***, Aware (culturally, globally, self) ***, Clear, Confident, Connected, Innovative ***, Dependable ***, Discerning ***, Empowered, Passionate, Proactive, Purposeful, Reflective ***, Resilient ***, Self-Directed ***, Service Driven, Solution Focused *** 

And the 21st Century Skills “4 C’s”
Communication ***, Collaboration, Critical Thinking ***, Creativity *** 


*** Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Competencie

Easy to Implement Online Course

We believe that teens should have access to entrepreneurship education so we made it easy for individuals and schools to implement the program! Our online course is available for download with a one-click purchase - discounts available for larger groups! There are five modules:

1) Framework

2) Marketing

3) Financial

4) Sales

5) Launch

Train the Trainer Teacher Certification

We equip each teacher with a full understanding of how to teach the program to their students. The separate train the trainer teach certification course includes a facilitator edition of the workbook and an online exam to solidify the learnings. 

Download our PDF with Info for Schools

The PDF includes the full outline of the program!

Buy the Workbook On Amazon!

About Us

Mary Grothe, Founder

Mary is a business strategist with accomplishments in sales, business, and entrepreneurship. She is a published author and has worked in Television & Radio. Mary is the founder of Teen Biz Network & Million Dollar Butterflies.

Rylie Manross, Marketing

Rylie started with Million Dollar Butterflies & Teen Biz Network at age 13 as our co-host on radio & TV while she started and ran her own company, Dance to the Pointe. At 19, she is now the marketing director for both brands.

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